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Discover the Power of Laser Cleaning: Revitalize Wood Surfaces Effortlessly

Discover The Power Of Laser Cleaning: Revitalize Wood Surfaces Effortlessly | Laserchina

In the realm of cleaning technology, wood laser cleaning has emerged as a revolutionary method, capable of tackling even the toughest jobs on delicate surfaces like wood. LASERCHINA, a leader in laser cleaning technology, has perfected a system that utilizes a specific wavelength to remove dirt and contaminants without damage. This post explores how laser cleaning machines, particularly those developed by LASERCHINA, operate on a microscopic level to clean efficiently and effectively.

The Science Behind Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning operates at an approximately 1μm wavelength, a range well-absorbed by many typical contaminant layers. Unlike laser cutting, which emits energy continuously, laser cleaning by LASERCHINA engineers employs tens of thousands of short light pulses per second, with each pulse lasting just a few nanoseconds (1 nanosecond = one-billionth of a second). Each of these pulses targets a few millimeters of the surface area, ensuring precise cleaning without damage.

The Laser Cleaning Process Explained

Upon hitting the target area, the energy introduced by the laser cleaning machine causes the coating to heat up abruptly and either evaporate (sublime) or flake off. This process transforms the coating into vapor and dust, leaving the underlying surface clean and unharmed. The precision and efficiency of this method, especially when executed by LASERCHINA’s advanced machinery, highlight the technological advancements in the field of laser cleaning. This not only ensures a thorough clean but does so in a way that is safe for the worker and the environment.


Laser cleaning technology, particularly when applied to delicate materials like wood laser cleaning, represents a significant leap forward in cleaning practices. By employing the advanced laser cleaning machines developed by LASERCHINA, users can enjoy a cleaning process that is not only efficient and effective but also environmentally friendly and safe for the material being cleaned. As we continue to strive for more innovative cleaning solutions, the work of LASERCHINA engineers stands out as a beacon of progress and excellence in the field.


With over two decades of laser expertise and a comprehensive product range encompassing individual components to complete machines, LASERCHINA is your ultimate partner for addressing all your laser-related requirements.

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