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Graffiti Removal With Laser Cleaning | Laserchina

Urban “psoriasis,” the colloquial term for the pervasive issue of unsolicited advertisements and graffiti defacing public spaces, has become a widespread problem in cities worldwide. These advertisements, often found in high-traffic areas such as roads, airports, squares, and commercial streets, not only tarnish the city’s image but also damage municipal facilities and impact environmental sanitation. Furthermore, they pose a risk of scamming citizens. The average expenditure for managing this issue on just one street by city management departments exceeds 300,000 yuan annually, amounting to astronomical figures on a larger scale. Traditional cleaning methods have proven ineffective and sometimes cause more harm than good. However, an innovative solution has emerged from LASERCHINA: the portable laser cleaning machine.

The High Cost of Urban "Psoriasis"

Urban “psoriasis” represents a significant financial burden for city management. The expenditure involved in removing these unsightly ads and graffiti from public spaces is not just a matter of routine cleaning. Often, the affected surfaces require complete repairs or replacement, leading to substantial financial losses. The mismatch between new and old surfaces after repairs exacerbates the aesthetic and financial damage, highlighting the need for more effective removal methods.

Traditional Cleaning Techniques and Their Drawbacks

Several conventional methods for tackling urban “psoriasis” include covering, scraping, high-pressure water cleaning, and sanding. Each of these methods, while straightforward, comes with significant downsides. Covering methods can inadvertently lead to the production of new “psoriasis” spots, while scraping can damage the underlying material. High-pressure water cleaning, aside from being inconsistent, can harm the surface and waste precious water resources, with the runoff polluting the environment. Sanding is inefficient, suitable only for hard, smooth surfaces, and significantly contributes to dust and environmental pollution.

Laser Cleaning Machine: A Revolutionary Solution

Enter the portable laser cleaning machine by LASERCHINA, a groundbreaking technology offering a viable solution to the urban “psoriasis” problem. Equipped with a 100-watt pulsed fiber laser, this machine can clean surfaces within a 2.5-meter radius, with adjustable power settings ranging from 10 to 100%. Its cleaning line width is also adjustable between 1 to 20mm, and for more demanding tasks, a 200-watt laser source is available. This innovative tool represents a significant advancement in urban cleaning efforts, providing a method that avoids the drawbacks of traditional cleaning techniques.


The persistent issue of urban “psoriasis” has long plagued city landscapes, leading to significant financial, aesthetic, and environmental costs. Traditional methods of removal have fallen short, either due to inefficiency or the potential for further damage. However, the advent of laser technology, particularly the portable laser cleaning machine from LASERCHINA, offers a new hope. With its precise cleaning capabilities, adjustable settings, and environmentally friendly operation, it stands as a beacon of innovation in the ongoing battle against urban decay. As cities continue to grow and evolve, embracing such technologies will be crucial in maintaining their beauty and integrity for generations to come.


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