How Laser Welding Machines Works for Sheet Metal

Laser Welding Machines for Sheet Metal - How Laser Welding Machines Works for Sheet Metal

    The laser weld machine has been widely recognised as a type of machine that plays an important part in the laser processing industry and has been classified as a precision device in a variety of fields as well. The equipment welds objects by taking advantage of the effect of high-energy laser beams. The high-energy laser beam irradiates and heats the workpiece to be welded and the thermal energy then spreads from the surface of the workpiece to its inside. Relevant parameters are adjusted according to welding demands to melt the corresponding material and form specific molten substances, eventually welding the workpiece.

Laser Welding Machines for Sheet Metal 2 - How Laser Welding Machines Works for Sheet Metal
maxresdefault - How Laser Welding Machines Works for Sheet Metal
maxresdefault - How Laser Welding Machines Works for Sheet Metal

    The welding methods of the laser welding machine can be generally divided into heat conduction welding and laser deep fusion welding. The laser welder makes it possible to weld various materials, either sheet metal or thick ones, without having a negative influence on its performance after welding. That is to say, using laser energy to weld materials different in thicknesses or shapes and achieve high-quality welding results, ranging from lightweight properties, optimal structure to high performance.

    Sheet metal has been widely applied in the manufacturing of various finished products. The demand for the welding of this type of metal has also grown due to its wide applications. It may be difficult to weld sheet metal because of its unique properties and characteristics and the laser beam welding machine makes it easier to weld sheet metal compared with other conventional techniques since thermal stress is reduced and heat affected zone as well as distortion are lowered during the whole welding process.

Laser Welding Machines for Sheet Metal 1 - How Laser Welding Machines Works for Sheet Metal

    One problem arising from the use of traditional welding machines is that it is hard to control stress and strain because the thermal conductivity of sheet metal is very small. Therefore, sheet metal will get distorted when it is heated or cooled. The laser beam welder, in contrast, solves the above problem due to its competitive advantages and overburning can be avoided as well. These benefits make it the go-to machine when it comes to the welding of sheet metal to fill growing demands in the market. More sheet metal of premium quality can be produced in mass production, which is cost-effective and time-saving.

    The fiber laser welding machine works by the use of high-energy laser pulses to locally heat the material in a tiny area of sheet metal. The energy of laser radiation diffuses to the interior of sheet metal through heat conduction, which ensures that distortion will be minimized. The laser beam welding machine features small weld width, small heat-affected zone, small deformation, and fast welding speed, all of which make it possible to substitute for traditional welding machines gradually.



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