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Laser Marking Machines for Glass Bottles

Laser Marking Machines for Glass Bottles - Laser Marking Machines for Glass Bottles

Laser Marking Machines--The Catalyst for the Development of the Glass Bottle Industry

    With the continuous improvement of living standards, consumers have been paying more attention to the anti-counterfeiting of the products they purchase as well as their relevant labels and product information. Meanwhile, the government and relevant departments have also been introducing new laws and regulations to regulate and manage this strictly.

    Wine is regarded as important daily consumer goods and people have been highly aware of labels and information on wine bottles as wine consumption grows. One crucial reason is that such information plays an essential part in helping buyers to get knowledge about the production date, brands, and production details to avoid the purchase of fake, adulterated, and low-quality wine.

maxresdefault - Laser Marking Machines for Glass Bottles
maxresdefault - Laser Marking Machines for Glass Bottles

    In the past, numerous manufacturers won the trust of consumers by using coding technology to control and track the quality of wine bottles and enhance sales channel management as well as warehouse management.

    With the development of science and technology, laser marking technology and UV laser marking machines came into being. Compared with traditional coding machines, laser marking machines feature more prominent advantages:

Laser Marking Machines for Glass Bottles 1 - Laser Marking Machines for Glass Bottles

1. The marking speed of laser marking machines is unmatched by traditional marking machines. This benefit greatly improves processing efficiency. 

2. The laser marking machine features high anti-counterfeiting function as patterns and characters marked by the device are clear and long-lasting as well. Meanwhile, the marking effect of processed lines can even reach from millimeters to microns. 

3. The laser marking machine is a type of non-contact machine, which makes it possible to minimize the thermal effect, thereby avoiding processing material deformation. 

4. No consumables are produced during marking, thereby limiting environmental pollution and reducing production costs.

    At present, with the advance of laser technology and the continuous improvement of automation, the laser marking machine has been widely applied to the processing of win bottles and such equipment has gone mainstream in the wine industry. Moreover, its excellent performance advantages are gradually replacing traditional processing methods or devices.

    Besides relevant applications of the laser marking machine to wine bottles, it is also employed to mark the surface of beer bottles. Using laser marking machines to engrave beer bottles is one of the common means nowadays. It works by focusing the high-energy laser beam on the surface of beer glass bottles to vaporize it in a very short period of time under the reaction of high laser energy, thus leaving a smooth and textured marking pattern on the surface. Meanwhile, the movement of the laser beam can be controlled to precisely mark the surface of beer bottles with exquisite patterns of text.

Laser Marking Machines for Glass Bottles 2 - Laser Marking Machines for Glass Bottles

    In addition to the product information of glass bottles, manufacturers usually use laser marking machines to mark glass bottles for aesthetic purposes, which increases the value of wine products as well as adds characteristics.

    The laser marking machine can be utilized to engrave exclusive marks on glass bottles according to customers’ needs, such as marking graphics that deliver related principles or convey their thoughts. The device makes it possible to enrich the overall image and enhance the visual attraction.



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