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Revolutionizing Lithium Battery Manufacturing with Advanced Laser Welding Solutions

Revolutionizing Lithium Battery Manufacturing With Advanced Laser Welding Solutions | Laserchina

In the rapidly evolving lithium battery industry, ensuring the safety and reliability of battery cells is paramount. A critical component in this process is the sealing nail, used in the final assembly stage of square aluminum-shell lithium-ion batteries. Once the electrolyte is injected, the sealing nail must be laser welded to isolate the battery core from the external environment, securing its seal and reliability. Achieving high efficiency without compromising quality is essential, with the first-pass yield of sealing nail welding demanding a staggering 99.5% or higher. Factors such as cleanliness at the injection site and the stability of the laser itself play a significant role in meeting these stringent requirements.

Innovative Laser Welding Technology for Enhanced Battery Safety

To meet the high standards required for sealing nail welding, LASERCHINA, a leader in laser solution provisioning, has developed a reliable laser welding solution tailored to the rigorous demands of power battery manufacturing. This advanced welding technique utilizes a high-energy density laser beam for precise, efficient welding operations on metal materials, designed specifically for the smart manufacturing sectors like battery production. The solution’s cornerstone is the high-power QCW (Quasi Continuous Wave) laser, capable of generating continuous or pulsed laser beams with high energy density and excellent beam quality. This allows for rapid and reliable welding, thanks to precise control and optical systems that focus the laser beam directly onto the sealing nails.

Optimizing Welding Performance with QCW Lasers

The QCW laser, the core equipment of LASERCHINA’s laser welding solution, is a 600/6000W model that excels in processing materials with high hardness, reflectivity, or thermal conductivity. Its pulsed modulation capability achieves high precision and repeatability in pulse control, making it superior to traditional 600W YAG lasers in welding speed and with a higher photoelectric conversion rate. This laser ensures the sealing nail welding process is efficient, requiring no optical path correction, using no optical consumables, and necessitating minimal maintenance.

Revolutionizing Lithium Battery Manufacturing With Advanced Laser Welding Solutions | Laserchina

Proving Excellence through Rigorous Testing

LASERCHINA engineers conducted comprehensive tests using aluminum cover plates and 1mm thick aluminum nails, examining various parameters such as laser speed, single-point energy, frequency, pulse width, peak power, and defocus amount. The results were impressive: a weld depth of 0.9mm, weld width of 1.18mm, a CPK of 1.7, and a welding speed of ≥14mm/s. These tests confirmed the solution’s capability to produce welds without explosions, pits, pinholes, or cracks, achieving full, porosity-free weld pools with no surface explosions or blackening.

Advantages of Laser Welding in Battery Manufacturing

LASERCHINA’s sealing nail welding solution offers distinct advantages in battery manufacturing, including high precision and flexibility for welding complex shapes and specifications, and high efficiency and energy savings. It significantly enhances production efficiency compared to traditional YAG welding, reducing energy consumption while doubling efficiency. The solution’s automation and intelligence level meet the demands of modern industrial manufacturing, allowing for automated feeding, positioning, and welding, further improving efficiency and product quality. With a modular design for easy part replacement and maintenance, the system operates without consumables, reducing operational costs.


The sealing nail laser welding solution developed by LASERCHINA represents a significant advancement in lithium battery manufacturing technology. By offering high precision, efficiency, and reliability, this solution not only meets but exceeds the industry’s stringent requirements. Its successful application in battery production showcases the potential for wider adoption in automotive manufacturing, electronics, and beyond, marking a step forward in the pursuit of safer, more reliable energy storage solutions.


With over two decades of laser expertise and a comprehensive product range encompassing individual components to complete machines, LASERCHINA is your ultimate partner for addressing all your laser-related requirements.

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