Upgrading to EZCAD3 with Only 6 Easy Steps

6 Easy Steps to EZCAD3

With Driving & Control Integrated Scanning System

In order to use EZCAD3 software, a DLC controller is a must. And the structure of the DLC controller is completely different from the EZCAD2 LMC controller, which definitely makes the upgrade really complicated for most of us. It requires rewiring, recalibration, and a different power supply.

Here we offer another alternative, which makes the upgrade easy with only 6 easy steps as below. No rewiring, no recalibration and no extra power supply.

Hardware Upgrade

  • Reconnect cable for I/O, axis control, etc.
  • Install New Galvo Scanner
  • Reconnect cable for laser source.

Software Upgrade

  • Install Driver
  • Activate License
  • Import Calibration file

Please check how easy it is.

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What is the Key Benefits of EZCAD3

Ultrafast Delivery

With 64 bits software core, the speed of EZCAD3 is greatly enhanced and large size file will no longer cause crash.

Ultrafast Delivery

EZCAD3 is with latest CAD and CAM algorithm for various laser processing applications.

Ultrafast Delivery
2D, 2.5D AND 3D

With powerful functions, EZCAD3 could be used for 2D, 2.5D, and 3D laser processing.

Note: 3D requires a 3D galvo scanner and 3D controller.

Ultrafast Delivery

All JCZ engineers are now focusing on EZCAD3. The upgrade of EZCAD2 is stopped, more and more functions will be added on EZCAD3.

Uprade from 2D to 2.5D

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