High power 1KW to 40KW fiber laser cutter is an ideal CNC for cutting through both thin and thick stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum steel, gold, and other metal materials with high speed and quality.

  • Why Choose JCZ as Your Metal Sheet Laser Cutting CNC Supplier?

    18 Years Experience
    Since 2004, we are dedicated to the industrial laser processing field. All our products are trusted by customers globally. And most of the laser machines made in China are with our products installed.

    World-Leading Brand - PRISM AWARDS FINALIST
    In 2021, we are the third China companies that entered the finalist of SPIE PRISM AWARDS, which is also known as the highest honor and the Oscar of the world photonic industry. This is a recognition of JCZ's leading product and contribution to the world photonic and laser industry.

    Excellent After-sales Service
    We know how desperate it will be if a supplier could not offer support. We get many support requests from customers who purchased the machine, with fake JCZ software installed from a China supplier who is not able to offer service.

    With 150+ R&D and support engineers team and our independent capabilities for optical, electrical, software, mechanical development, and manufacturing, we are offering high-quality products plus excellent service globally.

    1000+ Partners Worldwide
    With cutting-edge and reliable products plus excellent after-sales services, we are in close cooperation with more than 1000 laser companies worldwide in China, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Span, Italy, South Korea, Japan, India, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, etc. Due to NDA, we could not reveal their name.

    Affordable and Very Competitive Price
    With orders from the global market, all our products are in mass production, which means that we get the best pricing from our partner, and manufacturing cost is at the lowest level. This makes our product pricing always competitive. Like the product name of our first products, EzCAD, launched in 2004, we aim to make laser an easy tool rather than a high tech device, jointly promoting the development of the eco-friendly technology, LASER.

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    2022 Full Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine Buyer Guides

  • What is Sheet Metal Laser Cutter CNC?

    The sheet laser cutter CNC is categorized as the thermal cutting machine. It uses a focused, high power, and high energy density laser beam to irradiate the surface of the sheet to be processed, resulting in it rapidly melting, vaporizing, ablating, or reaching the ignition point, and then the molten substances are blown away by high-speed coaxial airflow to cut off the sheet. The metal sheet laser cutter CNC has many advantages in sheet processing.

  • How Does Sheet Laser Cutting Machine Work?

    The sheet metal laser cutter CNC gathers the emitted and reflected laser into a very small spot at the focus, which irradiates on the sheet to be quickly heated and evaporated to form holes. These holes are then continuously processed into narrow joints with laser movement on the sheet and molten substances being blown away with auxiliary gases(such as carbon dioxide gas, oxygen, and nitrogen), resulting in the cutting of the sheet.

  • What are the Advantages of Laser Cutter for Metal Sheet?

    The sheet laser cutting machine has advantages of fast cutting speed, good perpendicularity of cutting edge, smooth cutting edge, and possible to cut various materials.

    • The metal sheet laser cutting machine has the advantages of premium cutting quality, narrow incision, smooth cutting joint, and fine surface finish, no need for further mechanical processing, low deformation, and high cutting precision. It is non-contact cutting with no tool wear.
    • The sheet metal laser cutting machine can realize automatic production, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduce labor cost. It is easy to operate with fewer consumables, cost-saving, high efficiency, and high precision.
    • The power of the sheet laser cutter CNC can be continuously adjusted, high electro-optic conversion, high beam quality, and high stability.
    • Small heat-affected zones are generated during sheet cutting. Compared with fine plasma cutting and flame cutting, the heat-affected zone of the metal sheet laser cutter CNC during processing is relatively small and its energy concentration and heat input are low, all of which are conducive to improving the cutting quality.
    • The sheet metal laser cutter CNC is easy to maintain, saving time and effort. Compared with the traditional mechanical light path, it is relatively simple and easy to maintain. Safety, dust prevention, anti-statics, time-saving, and cost-saving can be achieved by using the full closure cabinet.
  • 6 Key Factors of High Quality Metal Laser Cutter

    The sheet laser cutting machine has been widely used in automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, fitness equipment, intelligent furniture, aerospace, locomotive manufacturing, shipping, and other industries. The quality of the metal sheet laser cutting machine mainly depends on its cutting results, which are the most direct way to assess its quality. Some important elements to evaluate the quality of the sheet metal laser cutting machine are as follows:

    • Burr: Burr has a great impact on the quality of the metal cutting result because additional processing is needed for burr removal. Therefore, the severity and amount of burr can be used to visually measure the quality of the cutting result.
    • Perpendicularity: If the thickness of the sheet metal is more than 10mm, the perpendicularity of the cutting edge becomes a very important factor. The laser beam becomes divergent when away from the focus, resulting in the cutting trajectory widening towards the top or bottom of the sheet according to the position of the focus and the cutting edge being a few millimeters off the vertical line. Therefore, the more vertical the cutting edge is, the better the cutting results are.
    • Cutting width: The cutting width generally does not influence the quality of the sheet laser cutting, except for the situation of extremely precise contours processed inside workpieces. That is because the cutting width determines the minimum inner diameter of the contour. The increase in sheet thickness leads to an increase in the cutting width. Therefore, regardless of the size of the cutting incision, the processing area of the sheet should be constant to ensure the same high precision.
    • Overburning in corners: The quality of the sheet laser cutter CNC can be assessed by the precision of extremely fine corners and the severity of overturning.
    • Heat-affected area: The heat-affected area refers to the depth of the area where the internal structure changes. During the cutting process, the area along the cutting incision is heated and the properties of the metal cut are changed, for example, the strength and hardness change of some metals
    • Deformation: Deformation can occur if sheets are heated sharply during the cutting process. This is extremely important in precision processing because the width between contours and connecting parts is simply a few tenths of a millimeter wide.