As a leading China manufacturer and supplier of laser welding machines, we provide fast speed and high precision Nd Yag laser spot welders for soldering and jointing gold and silver jewelry, electronics, dental lab, and medical devices.

  • Why Choose JCZ LASERCHINA as Your Jewelry Laser Welding System Supplier?

    18 Years Experience
    Since 2004, we are dedicated to the industrial laser processing field. All our products are trusted by customers globally. And most of the laser machines made in China are with our products installed.

    World-Leading Brand - PRISM AWARDS FINALIST
    In 2021, we are the third China companies that entered the finalist of SPIE PRISM AWARDS, which is also known as the highest honor and the Oscar of the world photonic industry. This is a recognition of JCZ's leading product and contribution to the world photonic and laser industry.

    Excellent After-sales Service
    We know how desperate it will be if a supplier could not offer support. We get many support requests from customers who purchased the machine, with fake JCZ software installed from a China supplier who is not able to offer service.

    With 150+ R&D and support engineers team and our independent capabilities for optical, electrical, software, mechanical development, and manufacturing, we are offering high-quality products plus excellent service globally.

    1000+ Partners Worldwide
    With cutting-edge and reliable products plus excellent after-sales services, we are in close cooperation with more than 1000 laser companies worldwide in China, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Span, Italy, South Korea, Japan, India, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, etc. Due to NDA, we could not reveal their name.

    Affordable and Very Competitive Price
    With orders from the global market, all our products are in mass production, which means that we get the best pricing from our partner, and manufacturing cost is at the lowest level. This makes our product pricing always competitive. Like the product name of our first products, EzCAD, launched in 2004, we aim to make laser an easy tool rather than a high tech device, jointly promoting the development of the eco-friendly technology, LASER.

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    2022 Full Gold & Silver Jewelry Laser Welding Machine Buyer Guides

  • What is Gold & Silver Laser Welding Machine?

    The jewelry laser welding machine is a type of equipment for welding jewelry, gold, and silver. Its laser light source is ND:YAG laser. The laser beam is expanded, reflected, focused, and then radiated to the surface of the workpiece, thus locally melting and welding the jewelry, gold, and silver. The pulse laser frequency, pulse width, table movement speed, and movement direction for welding can be controlled by PLC or industrial PC, and the laser energy can be controlled by the adjustment of the current, laser frequency, and pulse width.

  • How Does Jewelry Laser Welder Work?

    The jewelry laser welder uses a high-energy pulsed laser to weld workpieces, and its laser-generating substance is ND:YAG. High-energy laser pulses are used to locally heat the material in a tiny area, and the energy from the laser radiation spreads to the interior of the material through heat conduction, melting the material and forming a specific molten pool. Laser welding machine for jewelry is a new type of welding equipment, mainly for thin-walled materials and precision parts welding. It can actualize spot welding, butt welding, stack welding, sealing welding, etc. with a high depth-to-width ratio, small welding joint width, small heat-affected zone, small deformation, fast welding speed, smooth welding finishes, high-quality welding joint without post-processing or with simple post-processing needed, and no porosity. In addition, its characteristics of precise control, small focal points, and high positioning accuracy make it easier to realize automation.

  • What are the Advantages of Laser Welder for Jewelry?

    • High depth-to-width ratio. The welding seam of the laser welder for jewelry is deep, narrow, and smooth.
    • The jewelry laser repairing machine welds workpieces with extremely low heat input, small heat-affected zone, fast welding speed, and small thermal deformation due to its high power density and speedy melting process.
    • High compactness. During the welding joint processing, the molten pool is constantly stirred and gas emits to generate the non-porous melted welding joint. Precise, strong, and tough welding joints with high overall performance can be actualized due to the high post-welding cooling speed of the gold & silver laser welding machine.
    • Strong welding joint. The high-temperature heat source of the gold & silver laser welder and its passivation due to its full absorption of non-metallic components help reduce impurities and change the fixture size and its distribution in the melt pool. In addition, no electrodes or wires are needed during the welding process leading to small pollution around the melting zone, thus the strength and toughness of the welding joint being equal to or even exceeding the original metal.
    • Precise control. The small focal spot of the jewelry laser welding machine makes the high positioning accuracy of the welding joint possible. Welding accomplished through the transmission and control of the laser beam spares frequent replacement of the welding torch and nozzle, thereby significantly reducing downtime assistance time and resulting in high productivity. In addition, pause and restart at high speed can be completed due to no inertia of lights, and welding of complex components is possible by self-controlled beam movement technology.
    • Non-contact welding. The energy of the jewelry laser welder is from the laser, which is not influenced by magnetism and air, therefore, no contact to and no mechanical forces on workpieces.
    • Low cost. High processing accuracy and low average heat input reduce reprocessing costs. Moreover, lower running costs of laser welding machine for jewelry decrease the processing cost of workpieces.
  • What are the Applications of Gold & Silver Laser Welding Machines?

    Laser welder for jewelry utilizes the laser to deposit and weld workpieces, which is welding technology with high thermal energy of the laser and concentrated spots. The surface heat diffuses and conducts to the inside of workpieces, melting them to form a specific molten pool by controlling parameters, such as the width, energy, peak power, and repetition frequency of the laser pulse. Its unique advantages popularize it in the welding of jewelry, gold, and silver.

    Time and energy splitting of the laser beam can be realized by the jewelry laser repairing machine, that is, multi-beam simultaneous processing, thus increasing welding speed, which helps users complete processing in a short time with high efficiency and quality. Highly concentrated energy and no consumables needed during welding make post-welded workpieces as tough as the original materials. The laser current waveform of the gold & silver laser welding machine can be set randomly to achieve the best results. In addition, the laser beam can be focused on a very small area of jewelry, gold, and silver, thus generating small heat-affected zones, and jewelry, gold, and silver at similar intervals can be welded. Speedy welding can be accomplished under automation and precise welding of jewelry, gold, and silver by digital or computer control.

    Meltback can be avoided by the gold & silver laser welder, resulting in premium processing, guaranteeing fine welding of jewelry, gold, and silver, and greatly improving the yield rate.