Direct Diode Laser | 915nm 976nm Direct Diode Laser

Direct diode lasers are semiconductor lasers that can be used as high-energy light sources in material processing and other applications. They use semiconductor materials as gain media to emit laser light, with particles transitioning between the conduction and valence bands to produce photons. Direct electrical excitation allows for efficient conversion of electrical energy to light (with an efficiency of 55%) without the need for conversion devices, reducing energy loss. Compared to fiber lasers, direct diode lasers have higher efficiency, smaller size, and lower cost.

Direct diode laser can be widely used in plastic welding, soldering, metal heat conduction welding, cleaning, cutting, hardening, cladding, and other fields.

Low-power direct diode lasers (<200W) are mainly used in soldering and plastic welding. Laser welding has advantages such as no spatial restrictions, no soldering head, non-contact, no static electricity, less consumables, and fast welding speed. In the face of the increasing cost of manual labor and the trend of intelligent and precision manufacturing, laser soldering with direct diode laser will accelerate its promotion and application by replacing traditional soldering methods.

Medium-power direct diode lasers (200W-1000W) are mainly used in conductive welding. Direct diode lasers have wavelength advantages and can theoretically weld all metal materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, nickel alloy, etc. When the joint gap is large, compared with fiber lasers, the direct diode laser has a larger focused spot, which can effectively compensate for the accuracy of the workpiece. The width of the back of the weld seam is also larger, which can compensate for defocusing accuracy errors and ensure that the laser completely melts the material. It has characteristics such as stable welding pool, smooth weld seam, fast speed, good consistency.

High-power direct diode lasers (>1000W) are mainly used in cladding. High-power direct diode lasers can perform surface heat treatment or local cladding on metal parts with high wear resistance and corrosion resistance requirements. They have characteristics such as high electric-optical efficiency, high material absorption rate, low maintenance costs, rectangular beam shape, and uniform light intensity distribution, making them an ideal choice for cladding applications.

Overall, direct diode lasers at 915nm and 976nm wavelengths offer high efficiency, high power, and excellent beam quality, making them a versatile choice for a wide range of industrial laser applications.

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