Here is a new generation of 3D laser engraver and marker for both metal and non-metal materials, with 2D and 3D surfaces.

  • Why Choose JCZ as Your 3D Marker & Engraver Supplier?

    18 Years Experience
    Since 2004, we are dedicated to the industrial laser processing field. All our products are trusted by customers globally. And most of the laser machines made in China are with our products installed.

    World-Leading Brand - PRISM AWARDS FINALIST
    In 2021, we are the third China companies that entered the finalist of SPIE PRISM AWARDS, which is also known as the highest honor and the Oscar of the world photonic industry. This is a recognition of JCZ's leading product and contribution to the world photonic and laser industry.

    Excellent After-sales Service
    We know how desperate it will be if a supplier could not offer support. We get many support requests from customers who purchased the machine, with fake JCZ software installed from a China supplier who is not able to offer service.

    With 150+ R&D and support engineers team and our independent capabilities for optical, electrical, software, mechanical development, and manufacturing, we are offering high-quality products plus excellent service globally.

    1000+ Partners Worldwide
    With cutting-edge and reliable products plus excellent after-sales services, we are in close cooperation with more than 1000 laser companies worldwide in China, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Span, Italy, South Korea, Japan, India, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, etc. Due to NDA, we could not reveal their name.

    Affordable and Very Competitive Price
    With orders from the global market, all our products are in mass production, which means that we get the best pricing from our partner, and manufacturing cost is at the lowest level. This makes our product pricing always competitive. Like the product name of our first products, EzCAD, launched in 2004, we aim to make laser an easy tool rather than a high tech device, jointly promoting the development of the eco-friendly technology, LASER.

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  • What is 3D Laser Marker & Engraver?

    In laser marking and engraving fields, 2D equipment is used for nearly all types of metal and non-metal materials with the flat surface. With the rapid development of laser processing technology, the requirement for 3D laser marking or engraving on curved and irregularly-shaped surfaces is increasing.

    The high precision and fast speed 3D laser engraver and marker are developed and favored by various industries, with features of high efficiency, safe, and environmentally friendly.

    Compared with 2D laser machines, the 3D one have much lower requirements of the flatness of the product surface. It now has been widely used in precision medical equipment, auto, and motorcycle parts, hardware tools, cables, and other industries.

  • How does 3D Laser Marking & Engraving System Work?

    Compared with two-dimensional marking and engraving, the three-dimensional marker engraver machine mainly adds 3D dynamic focus and 3D mapping technology, which greatly reduces the requirements for the surface flatness of the object being processed.

    In the hardware section, based on the 2 axis XY laser galvo scanning system, a high precision, and high-speed Z-axis are added for an XYZ scanning system for adjusting laser focus in real-time.

    And the surface 3D mapping technology is added to the software. The 2D processing content is automatically transformed to a 3D one according to the height of the workpiece to be engraved and marked accurately.

  • What are the Advantages of 3D Laser Marking & Engraving Machine?

    The 3D laser marking and engraving technology is a major jump in the field of laser processing. There is no longer a limit that a laser could only mark or engraver on a plane surface.

    Now, this laser technology is extended to both 2D and 3D surfaces Compared with the 2D laser marker and engraver machine, the 3D machine has the following advantages.

    Larger Processing Size Range and Better Beam Quality

    3D marking and engraving machines can be divided into two types, which are pre-focusing and post-focusing 3D. The pre-focusing 3D laser machine is used for a larger marking engraving size. It normally uses a larger XY-axis mirror, which allows the input laser beam size to be larger. This feature enables a smaller focused spot with higher energy density to meet the requirement of laser area laser marking, engraving and cutting. The post-focusing 3D machine is mainly used for high-precision processing of medium and small size curved 3D surfaces.

    Focal Length Automatically Adjusted

    The 3D laser marker and engraver rapidly change the laser focal length and beam position automatically to make marking engraving on an irregular curved surface possible, which is not possible with a 2D machine. Moreover, It greatly improves the processing efficiency.

    Best for Deep Relief Engraving

    It is nearly impossible to do relief engraving with a 2D marking and engraving machine. Because the focal depth of the laser is very small, laser power gets weaker when the engraving depth goes deeper, which is called not on focus, and a required result can never be achieved. With a 3D marking and engraving machine, there is no such problem as the laser will always be in focus with an automatic focus shifting system.