High-Speed Galvo Scanner + F-theta Scan Lens + Built-in DLC Controller + EZCAD3 Software

In order to use EZCAD3 software, changing your LMC controller to the DLC one is a must. And the structure of the DLC controller is completely different from the EZCAD2 LMC controller, which definitely makes the upgrade really complicated for most of us. It requires rewiring, recalibration, and a different power supply.

Here we offer another alternative, which makes the upgrade easy with only 6 easy steps as below. No rewiring, no recalibration and no extra power supply. 


    Hardware Upgrade

    • Reconnect cable for I/O, axis control, etc.
    • Reconect cable to power supply.
    • Reconnect cable for laser source.

      Software Upgrade

      • Install driver
      • Activate license
      • Import calibration file

      NOTICE ! ! !

      Only following LMC controllers could be upgraded in this way.

      • FBLI-B-V4
      • FBLI-B-LV4
      • LMCV4-FIBER-M

      Please open your machine cabinet and check the label on the PCB controller.


    • Can I buy a DLC controller only to use EZCAD3?

      It is possible that you only replace the EZCAD2 LMC controller with the DLC controller to use EZCAD3. But it requires many changes to your current machines. In our experience, it is really complicated and there are many failure cases.

      And in terms of cost-effectiveness, a single DLC controller plus EZCAD3 costs at least 1300USD (shipping cost included).

      It is more suggested to buy the upgrade kit.

    • More and More Coming Soon

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