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Best F-theta Scan Lens | Telecentric F-theta Lens | 355nm - 10600nm

F-theta scan lenses and telecentric F-theta lenses are optical components used to focus a collimated laser beam onto a small spot, increasing its energy density for various material processing applications such as cutting, marking, welding, cleaning, and surface treatment. These F-theta lens maintain a consistent spot size and energy density even when the angle of incidence of the laser beam changes, allowing for precision processing of different locations on the material. When combined with fast and accurate galvo scanners, hey enable high-speed and precise laser processing. These F-theta scan lens are designed with high processing accuracy, achieving diffraction-limited performance, good linearity, low distortion, and high uniformity. They are available in multiple wavelengths ranging from 355nm to 10600nm to suit different material processing needs.

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