Femtosecond Laser Source | Ultrafast Lasers | 532nm Green, 1064nm IR

Femtosecond lasers are available in different wavelengths such as infrared, green, and ultraviolet. Among them, infrared lasers have unique advantages in various fields, as they can be selectively absorbed by materials or molecules, resulting in almost no thermal impact zone during laser processing in industries such as electronics, photonics, and medicine. Femtosecond lasers are widely used in material processing, surgery, consumer electronics, electronic communication, spectroscopy, aerospace, defense applications, and basic science.

Ultrafast lasers have several typical applications in industrial settings. For instance, ultra-thin glass processing or UTG is widely used in consumer electronics displays and semiconductor industries. As foldable smartphones require high-quality glass with better transparency, flexibility and reduced weight, ultrafast laser processing has become the primary processing method for electronic glass. Femtosecond lasers have high energy density and can easily exceed the glass damage threshold. Additionally, femtosecond pulses are “cold processing” mode that ensures the edge of the light spot is complete, without interference, and achieves ultra-low fracture effects. During processing, it can make the sidewall smooth, prevent irregular burrs, and avoid abnormal cracks caused by excess heat generation.

Femtosecond lasers are also suitable for cutting gold-plated copper foils. Copper foils are commonly used elements in the electronics industry. Traditional processing methods mainly use die-cutting, which has limitations in terms of efficiency, processing speed, loss, and cutting accuracy. When using conventional laser cutting, the edge’s thermal effect makes the copper foil easy to warp and deform, causing edge carbonization and material denaturation. In contrast, femtosecond lasers have a unique “cold processing” mode that avoids thermal accumulation and protects the gold plating from falling off. Femtosecond lasers also have excellent beam quality output that ensures the consistency of the edge effect of the processed material and the flatness of both sides of the cutting road and end face.

Finally, femtosecond lasers are used for processing zirconia ceramics. Zirconia ceramics have excellent high-temperature resistance and can be used as induction heating tubes, refractory materials, and heating elements. They have sensitive electrical performance parameters, high toughness, high bending strength, high wear resistance, excellent insulation performance, and thermal expansion coefficients close to steel. They are mainly used in ceramic knives, oxygen sensors, fuel cell thermal substrates, solid oxide fuel cells, high-temperature heating elements, and other fields. Compared with metals, zirconia ceramics have better wear resistance, smooth surface, good texture, and no oxidation. However, traditional zirconia ceramic processing inevitably has a series of problems such as poor processing quality and low efficiency. Femtosecond laser processing can solve these problems more finely and efficiently because femtosecond pulses have a high energy density that can achieve cold processing mode. The femtosecond laser’s high precision and low damage to materials make it ideal for cutting zirconia ceramics with high efficiency and precision.

In summary, femtosecond laser sources or ultrafast lasers are essential tools in various industrial fields due to their unique advantages in processing materials with high precision and efficiency. They are suitable for ultra-thin glass processing, gold-plated copper foil cutting, zirconia ceramic processing and other applications where traditional methods have limitations.

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