Are you looking for buying a handheld or suitcase-type pulsed or CW fiber laser cleaning machine for removing rust, paint, oil, film, coating from materials like metal, stone?

Here are the full guides and tips are written by China professional laser cleaning machine manufacturer.

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    2022 Full Laser Cleaning Machine Buyer Guides

  • What is Laser Cleaning and How Does it Work?

    Laser cleaning technology uses a focused laser beam to quickly vaporize or strip the contaminants on the surface of materials. Compared with all kinds of traditional physical or chemical cleaning methods, laser cleaning is without contact with materials, no consumable material needed, no pollution, high precision, no damage or damage is small to substrate materials, etc.,

    Laser is the ideal choice for a new generation of industrial cleaning technology.

    Working Principle

    The working principle of laser cleaning is complex, which may contain both physical processes and chemical processes. In most cases, it is dominated by the physical one.

    When the high-energy laser irradiates on the material surface, the surface absorbs laser energy from the surface to the internal substrate. At the same time, the surface temperature rises rapidly and reaches its vaporization point so that the contaminants are vaporized from the material surface.

    This selective vaporization usually occurs when the laser beam absorption rate of the contaminants on the surface is significantly higher than the one on the substrates. One typical application case is the cleaning of dirt on the stone surface. The contaminant on the stone surface has a high absorption rate of the laser and is quickly vaporized. When the contaminants are cleaned, the absorption rate to the stone surface is very low.

    Most of the laser energy is scattered to the contaminant on the stone surface, and the temperature change of the stone surface is very small. Therefore the stone surface is thus protected from damage while the contaminants are removed.

  • What Could Be Cleaned By Fiber Laser?

    Laser cleaning technology is now widely used in many fields such as industry, construction, heritage conservation, and medicine. The following application field is where the laser clean technology is typically applied.

    • Oil Cleaning & Removing
    • Film Cleaning & Removing
    • Rust Cleaning & Removing
    • Paint Cleaning & Removing
    • Coating Cleaning & Removing
    • Carbon Buildup Cleaning & Removing
    • Dust Cleaning & Removing
    • Food Cleaning & Removing
    • Nuclear Decontamination Cleaning & Removing
  • Pulsed VS CW Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

    Both continuous-wave and pulsed lasers could remove the paint, rust, oil, film, coating, dust from the material surface. With the same power, the efficiency of pulsed laser cleaning is much higher than that of the CW(Continuous-Wave) one. Meanwhile, the pulsed laser works better on heat control to prevent the substrate from being over-temperature and avoid micro-melting.

    Continuous-wave lasers are advantageous in pricing. But the heat inputs of high power continuous wave laser are higher and the degree of damage to the substrate increases.

    Therefore, there is a fundamental difference in terms of application between CW and pulsed fiber laser for cleaning. For applications that require high precision, strict substrate temperature control, and very small damage to the substrate, such as molds, we should choose a pulsed fiber laser cleaner machine.

    For some large steel sheets and pipes, due to the large size and fast heat dissipation, the requirements of substrate damage control are not high, we can choose continuous wave fiber lasers.

  • Laser Cleaning for Mold, Precision Tool, Rail, Aircraft, Ship, and Military Applications

    Mold industry

    The laser cleaning machine can achieve non-contact cleaning, which is very safe for the mold surface while ensuring cleaning precision. Moreover, it can clean the sub-micron dirt particles that can not be removed by traditional cleaning methods to achieve true pollution-free, efficient, and premium-quality cleaning.

    Nowadays, the popular laser cleaning equipment on the market is mostly handheld, which is more flexible for small mold cleaning. With the gradual development of cleaning equipment towards the large-scale, high-power direction, laser cleaning machines are expected to expand the market of large cleaning equipment, becoming an important growth point of the future laser application market.

    Precision Instruments

    The chemical method is the ordinary means utilized in the precision machinery industry to remove lubricative and anti-corrosive ester and mineral oil on parts, but chemical cleaning still has residues. Using laser cleaning machines to remove ester can clean them and mineral oil entirely without damage to the surface of the parts. The laser cleaning machine explosively vaporizes the oxide film on the surface of the parts processed to form a shock wave, resulting in the removal of dirt, rather than mechanical force.


    At present, all rail cleaning before welding adopts grinding wheel or belt grinding methods, which do great damage to the substrate with a great amount of residual left, high yearly consumables of grinding wheel, high cost and severe dust pollution to the environment. By comparison, the laser cleaning machine is advantageous by its high quality and efficient green cleaning technology for rail production of the high-speed railroad, solving the above problems, eliminating seamless rail holes, gray spots, and other welding defects, and improving the stability and safety of high-speed railroad operation.


    Aircraft surfaces need to be repainted after a certain period of time, but old paint should be completely removed before repainting. Chemical soaking or wiping is the main method of paint removal in the aviation field, which causes a large amount of chemical waste and is impossible to local overhaul or paint removal. In addition, these means are heavy workloads and hazardous to health. Laser cleaning machines can achieve removal of paint on the aircraft surface at a high-quality level and meanwhile, easy to achieve automated production.


    At present, pre-production cleaning of ships mainly adopts sandblasting method, which has caused serious dust pollution to the surrounding environment and has been gradually banned, thus leading to the reduction or even suspension of ship production enterprises. Laser cleaning machines provide green pollution-free cleaning solutions to anti-corrosion spraying on ship surfaces.

    Military industry

    The laser cleaning machine is widely used in weapons maintenance. The laser cleaning system makes efficient and rapid removal of rust and contaminants, choosing the parts to be removed, and the automation of cleaning possible. The laser cleaning machines not only have higher cleanliness than the chemical cleaning process but also have little damage to the surface cleaning.

  • How to Buy a Laser Cleaning & Removing Machine?

  • Five advantages of Laser Cleaning and Removal

    No Contact with Object Surface

    Traditional cleaning methods are often contact cleaning, which brings a mechanical force or damage to the surface of the object. Sometimes the part of the cleaning tool could be attached to the surface of the object that is being cleaned, and not easy to remove. Most importantly, it will cause extra pollution. Laser cleaning‘s non-abrasive and non-contact features precisely solve this technical issue.

    No Damage to the Material Surface

    Laser cleaning can remove various types of contaminants from the surface of various materials.
    A complete contaminant cleaning or removing from objects is not possible with traditional cleaning methods. And laser cleaning technology could selectively remove rust, oil, paint, film, coatings from the material surface without damaging the surface.

    Easy for Targeting and Positioning.

    With optical fiber cable for laser delivery, a laser cleaning machine is easier to integrate with a robot for remote control and operation. This feature makes the cleaning process on the irregular-shaped object, holes, and grooves no longer complicated with no contact with objects. And fiber laser cleaner can be used in some dangerous places to effectively ensure the safety of operators.

    Eco-friendly Cleaning Technology.

    Laser cleaning does not require chemical cleaning chemicals and does not produce cleaning waste. The pollutant particles and gases produced during the laser cleaning process can be simply collected and purified by a portable air extractor to avoid environmental pollution.

    No consumables and Nearly Zero Maintenance

    The laser cleaning system can be used stably for a long time. The lifespan of the pulsed or continuous wave fiber laser is usually up to 100,000 hours. And it does not require consumables and the regular maintenance is nearly zero. Only the lens needs to be cleaned and replaced.
    As a popular and essential technique for industrial production, laser cleaning work perfectly on the automation production line like cleaning before and after the welding process, selective dirt cleaning before painting, and oxide cleaning of highly reactive metals.