With a portable suitcase or backpack design, the cleaner and remover can be carried to any working location easily and flexibly.

  • Why Choose JCZ as Your Portable Laser Cleaner Supplier?

    18 Years Experience
    Since 2004, we are dedicated to the industrial laser processing field. All our products are trusted by customers globally. And most of the laser machines made in China are with our products installed.

    World-Leading Brand - PRISM AWARDS FINALIST
    In 2021, we are the third China companies that entered the finalist of SPIE PRISM AWARDS, which is also known as the highest honor and the Oscar of the world photonic industry. This is a recognition of JCZ's leading product and contribution to the world photonic and laser industry.

    Excellent After-sales Service
    We know how desperate it will be if a supplier could not offer support. We get many support requests from customers who purchased the machine, with fake JCZ software installed from a China supplier who is not able to offer service.

    With 150+ R&D and support engineers team and our independent capabilities for optical, electrical, software, mechanical development, and manufacturing, we are offering high-quality products plus excellent service globally.

    1000+ Partners Worldwide
    With cutting-edge and reliable products plus excellent after-sales services, we are in close cooperation with more than 1000 laser companies worldwide in China, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Span, Italy, South Korea, Japan, India, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, etc. Due to NDA, we could not reveal their name.

    Affordable and Very Competitive Price
    With orders from the global market, all our products are in mass production, which means that we get the best pricing from our partner, and manufacturing cost is at the lowest level. This makes our product pricing always competitive. Like the product name of our first products, EzCAD, launched in 2004, we aim to make laser an easy tool rather than a high tech device, jointly promoting the development of the eco-friendly technology, LASER.

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  • What is Portable Laser Cleaning Machine?

    The portable laser cleaning machine is the use of the focused laser to clean the surface of the material so that the contaminants on the surface are quickly vaporized or stripped to achieve the cleaning of the material surface. By comparison with all kinds of traditional physical or chemical cleaning methods, the portable fiber laser cleaning machine is the ideal choice for a new generation of industrial cleaning machines due to its no contact, no consumables, no pollution, high precision, and no damage or little damage.

  • How Does Portable Rust Laser Cleaner Work?

    The portable laser metal cleaner machine is the use of large energy density of laser beam with characteristics of directional control and convergent ability. While laser irradiating substances on the substrate, its instantaneous energy generates plasma on the substances, resulting in destroy of the bond between pollutants and the substrate or vaporizing the pollutant directly, which reduce the strength of their bond and then achieve the aim of cleaning the surface of the metal and non-metal workpiece.

  • What are the Advantages of Fiber Laser Cleaners?

    • Compared with traditional industrial cleaning machines (including mechanical cleaning machines, chemical cleaning machines, ultrasonic cleaning machines, etc.), the portable fiber laser cleaning machine has the advantages of environmental protection, no pollution, low maintenance costs, precise positioning, and a high degree of automation. Moreover, it is developed towards a high integration, large-scale, and high-power direction, and to expand the scope of application.
    • The portable laser cleaning machine is suitable for highly effective cleaning of rust, oil, paint, abrasive tools, and so on without damage to the substrate and with premium processing results.
    • The portable metal laser cleaning machine, a non-contact, efficient, and green removal method, is simple in terms of integration.
    • The portable fiber laser cleaning machine is safe to operate for precision workpieces or their fine parts. It is accurate with its precise positioning feature.
  • Where Are Portable laser Cleaner Machines Used?

    The portable laser cleaner is now widely used in many industrial fields, such as aerospace, high-speed rail, automotive, shop, semiconductor, mold, and nuclear power. Some of the application cases are as follows.

    • Laser paint removal: The portable laser cleaning system can be applied to surface paint removal in the maintenance process in aircraft, high-speed rail, and other fields and some precise removal for paint. In the application process, it is necessary to pay attention to the damage of the laser to the surface of the substrate and choose the appropriate light path and external light path structure. In the application of paint removal on the surface of aviation aluminum alloy, it is also essential to prevent the damage to the anodized oxide film on the surface of the aluminum alloy and ensure the protection of the film on the surface of the aluminum alloy at the same time of laser paint removal.
    • Laser rust removal: In the manufacturing process of many large steel structures, equipment, and infrastructure, a large amount of steel is used. During the transportation and storage of steel, rust is easily produced on the surface due to contact with the humid environment, sweat, or other corrosive media. For local rust, the use of laser cleaning technology to remove rust is a good choice.
    • Mold cleaning: The portable mold laser cleaning machine can be the substitute for the traditional manual grinding, dry ice cleaning, sandblasting cleaning, and so on for regular cleaning of composite molds, tire molds, and other rubber molds as a way to improve efficiency or reduce costs. For tire mold cleaning, the cost of portable laser cleaning is 10 times lower than the cost of dry ice cleaning.
    • In addition to the above applications, portable laser cleaning machines are used in many processes, such as welding pretreatment, coating removal, and oil cleaning.