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Galvo scanners are high-precision, high-speed servo scanning systems consisting of a driver board and high-speed swinging motor. In laser equipment driven by galvo scanner, modules such as a computer, laser, scanning galvanometer driver power supply, laser power supply, and optical path system are typically included.

The working principle of this system involves the laser beam passing through the optical path system before being reflected twice by the X-axis and Y-axis mirrors of the galvo scanner. This allows the laser to be directed to the target workpiece position to achieve flat surface laser processing.

By installing a Z-axis module before the laser enters the XY-axis, It becomes a 3D galvo scanner for 3D surface processing.

Galvo scanner are widely used on laser machines for laser marking, laser engraving, laser cutting, laser welding, laser drilling, and medical laser and laser beauty.

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10mm 2D Laser Galvo Scanner – SCANMaster Ⅰ

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High End 2D Laser Galvo Scanner – SCANMaster Ⅲ

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From $1,199.00 For Bulk Buyer.

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