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Jewelry Laser Welder | Jewelry Laser Welding Machine for Jewelry Repair

Jewelry laser welders are revolutionizing jewelry design, repair and manufacturing. These highly precise tools use a concentrated laser beam to fuse metals together for strong, clean welds in seconds. The laser’s intense heat and pinpoint accuracy enables intricate welding jobs not possible with traditional soldering torches.

With a jewelry laser welder, jewelers can seamlessly resize rings, fill porosity in castings, re-tip prongs, assemble complex pieces and more without damage to surrounding areas. The narrow weld zone leaves little trace for nearly invisible joints. Even dissimilar metals like platinum and 18K gold pose no problem.

Other benefits include reduced materials waste, faster turnaround, ability to weld previously “unweldable” pieces, and lower long term costs compared to outsourcing laser welding jobs. Customers will be amazed at what their trusted jeweler can now easily accomplish in-house.

Jewelry laser welding machines represent the future for retail jewelry stores, small studios and large manufacturers alike. Their precision, speed and lack of distortion opens new doors for creative designs and challenging repairs. Any jeweler looking to work smarter, expand capabilities and wow customers needs one of these game-changing tools in their shop.

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Mini Jewellery Laser Welding Machine – JW-M Series

From $1,999.00 for Reseller with Basic Spec.
  • High Welding Speed.
  • Small Welding Point, Surrounding Area Color Unaffected.
  • Real-time CCD Monitoring for Accurate Positioning.
  • Clean Weld Every Time.
  • 0.1mm Ultra Thin Metal Welding.
  • Eco-friendly and No Pollution.

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From $9.99 For Bulk Buyer.
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