High Performance Laser Processing Head

A laser processing head is designed for precision laser processing machines. It typically consists of a focusing lens and a mirror, which work together to direct and focus a laser beam onto a specific point or area of a workpiece. Laser processing heads are commonly used in applications such as laser cutting, welding, drilling, cladding and marking, where high accuracy and precision are required. They can be used with a variety of laser types, including fiber lasers, CO2 lasers, and solid-state lasers.

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1KW to 3KW Laser Rust Removal Gun – SCANMaster

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Introducing the revolutionary SCANMaster Laser Rust Removal Gun for 1KW to 3KW fiber laser rust remover – a game-changer in the world of

High Power Laser Welding Galvo Head | SCANMaster Ⅵ

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From $499.00 For Bulk Buyer.
Introducing the pinnacle of precision and power in the laser industry: the 1KW to 12KW High Power Laser Welding Galvo

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