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Best Laser Nozzles | for Laser Cutting & Welding

Laser nozzles are essential components for laser cutting and welding applications. They precisely direct the laser beam and assist gases to the work area for smooth, efficient cuts and welds. Our extensive range of laser nozzles covers various materials, configurations, coatings, and orifice sizes to match diverse cutting requirements.

Single layer nozzles feature a simple internal structure ideal for nitrogen cutting of stainless steel and aluminum. The narrow gas flow concentrates heat for narrow, smooth cuts. Double layer nozzles induce supersonic gas speeds for rapid oxygen cutting of carbon steel, but with wider kerfs. Non-coated and chrome-plated options balance durability and spatter resistance.

Orifice diameters from 0.5mm to 6mm control gas flow and beam characteristics for optimal cuts in thin to extremely thick materials. Smaller diameters focus the beam tighter for precision cutting under 3mm. Large diameters spread the energy for steady penetration in plates over 10mm thick.

High concentricity between the orifice and laser bore ensures uniform gas and energy distribution. Our stringent manufacturing standards guarantee 0.02mm consistency for clean cuts without melt buildup. Durable copper-zinc alloys properly conduct signals while resisting oxidation.

For the best quality, speed and durability in laser cutting and welding, choose from our extensive catalog of optimized, high-precision laser nozzles. Please contact us or visit our website for expert consultation.

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