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Laser, short for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, is a powerful type of light that is amplified through the process of stimulated emission. It finds extensive applications in various fields including industrial manufacturing, information communication, biomedical science, research, and military. This is due to its unique characteristics such as low divergence, high brightness, good monochromaticity, and good coherence.

Our laser sources cover a wide range of specifications:

– Full wavelength: 213nm to 10600nm
– Full pulse width: nanoseconds (ns) to femtoseconds (fs)
– Full laser power: 3W to 60KW

A laser source typically consists of three main components: a pump source that supplies energy, a gain medium that amplifies the laser, and a resonant cavity that reflects the light back and forth through the gain medium, resulting in amplified laser power.

Laser sources can be classified based on various dimensions such as the pump method, gain medium, working mode, output power, and output wavelength. For example, lasers can be categorized into optical, electrical, chemical, thermal, and nuclear pump lasers based on their energy sources. They can also be classified into liquid, gas, and solid-state lasers based on their gain media.

Solid-state and fiber lasers are the most commonly used types in the market. Fiber lasers are ideal for macroscopic metal material cutting, welding, drilling, and sintering due to their high average power and strong thermal effects. On the other hand, solid-state lasers are preferred for fine microprocessing of thin, brittle materials and non-metallic materials due to their high peak power, low thermal effects, and high processing accuracy.

Laser sources can also be categorized as continuous-wave or pulsed lasers based on their working modes. Pulsed lasers further divide into long pulse (ms, us), short pulse (ns), and ultra-short pulse (ps, fs) lasers. The narrower the pulse width and the shorter the wavelength, the higher the achievable processing accuracy.

Lastly, lasers can be classified into infrared, visible, and ultraviolet lasers based on their output wavelengths. Different materials have different absorption ranges for different wavelengths of light, so different wavelength lasers are used for specific material processing applications.

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MOPA Pulsed Fiber Laser Source – LP Series

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From $899.00 For Bulk Buyer.
  • Advanced MOPA Fiber Technology.
  • Wide Range of adjustable Pulse Width & Frequency.
  • Very Competitive Price from LASERCHINA.
  • 1 Year Extra Warranty as We Have Our Own Repair Center.

300W – 6000W CW Fiber Laser Source | Single Module Series

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From $1,399.00 For Bulk Buyer.
Introducing the third generation of single-mode continuous wave fiber laser sources from Raycus, covering a range of 300W to 6000W.

3W – 5W Air Cooled DPSS UV Laser Source | LARK Series

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From $2,399.00 For Bulk Buyer.
Introducing the Air Cooled DPSS UV Laser Source from the JPT LARK Series. This laser source features an air-cooled structure,

3W – 30W Water Cooled DPSS UV Laser Source | SEAL Series

Rated 0 out of 5
From $1,199.00 For Bulk Buyer.
The SEAL Series UV  laser sources that offer excellent beam quality and perfect spot characteristics. The integrated design of the

Quasi Continuous Wave Fiber Lasers 75W – 600W

Rated 0 out of 5
From $2,999.00 For Bulk Buyer.
With continuous and pulsed modes, extremely stable output performance, and excellent beam quality, our Quasi Continuous Wave Fiber Lasers cut,

6000W – 80000W CW Fiber Laser Source | Multi Module Series

Rated 0 out of 5
From $99.00 For Bulk Buyer.
Introducing the Raycus 6000W-80000W High Power CW Fiber Laser Source. This laser source offers high electro-optical conversion efficiency (>40%), excellent

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From $9.99 For Bulk Buyer.
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