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Best Resistor Laser Trimming Machine | Potentiometer & Sensor Laser Trimming Machine

Resistor laser trimming machine are precision equipment used for the precise adjustment of thick and thin film circuits. They are widely used in various industries such as thick film hybrid integrated circuits, electronic components, automotive electronics, sensors, military research, and thin film resistors.

These machines work on the principle of using a fine laser beam to vaporize the resistor material and achieve the desired resistance value by changing the geometry of the resistor. The laser beam is controlled by a computer program, and the resistance is continuously measured and monitored during the trimming process to achieve the target resistance value.

Compared to traditional manual adjustment methods or using potentiometers, laser trimming machine offers more precise and efficient adjustment with less human intervention. Laser trimming machine also eliminates issues such as overshooting, rebound, and parameter drift that may occur with potentiometers. With the increasing demand for high-precision resistors in various electronic applications, laser trimming machines have become an essential tool for achieving the required level of accuracy.

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