Picosecond Laser Source | Ultrafast Lasers | 355nm UV, 532nm Green, 1064nm IR

Picosecond laser sources are a type of ultrafast laser that offer numerous advantages for industrial microprocessing applications. They have almost no thermal impact, allowing for a wide range of materials to be processed, including those that are transparent in the visible and near-infrared regions. The superior beam quality increases stability and reliability of performance, while the high peak power supports more precise processing.

Picosecond lasers have high pulse energy, long lifetimes, and work efficiently and quickly. They can be used for marking, drilling, cutting, and other applications, providing fine and clean cuts for micrometer-level processing needs with minimal thermal impact. They have replaced traditional drilling/cutting processes and are widely used across various industries for cutting materials such as film, ceramics, metal, glass, and plastics.

Picosecond lasers also offer advantages in processes such as blackening metal, marking plastic, and stripping paint from glass. The effect of picosecond lasers is more distinct and clear, while the low thermal energy diffusion characteristic of picosecond lasers allows for paint stripping with almost no damage to the substrate material, especially glass and plastic.

The list of materials that can be cut by picosecond lasers is extensive, including stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum, magnesium alloys, and glass. They are used in fields such as mobile phones, 3C electronic chip FPCs, and solar energy. However, the most outstanding performance is still in the drilling and cutting of glass, which can achieve vertical cutting without conical holes.

Laser cutting of glass is a non-contact and low-pollution technology that is easy to control and provides customers with great convenience. High-speed cutting can ensure neat edges, good verticality, and low internal damage. It is becoming a new solution for the glass cutting industry. In particular, in high-precision cutting, picosecond ultrafast laser sources exhibit great advantages due to their extremely narrow pulse width and low thermal energy diffusion characteristics. They complete material breaking before heat is transferred to surrounding materials, exhibiting good results in brittle material cutting.

Picosecond lasers use non-contact processing to avoid problems such as edge collapse and cracking that can occur with traditional machining methods. They have high precision, do not produce micro-cracks, fractures or fragments, have high edge anti-breakage properties, and do not require secondary manufacturing costs such as washing, polishing or grinding. This reduces costs while significantly improving workpiece yield and processing efficiency.

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