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Q-switched pulsed fiber laser sources are high-performance laser that are widely used in a variety of industrial and scientific applications. These lasers are known for their high peak power, short pulse duration, and excellent beam quality. They are ideal for applications that require precision, speed, and reliability.

The ytterbium pulsed fiber laser source is available in a range of power options, including 20W, 30W, 50W, and 100W. This makes it easy to find a laser source that meets your specific needs. These lasers are designed to deliver high-quality performance over a long lifetime, making them a cost-effective solution for many applications.

One of the key advantages of Q-switched pulsed fiber laser sources is their excellent beam quality. This allows them to produce highly focused, precise beams that are ideal for applications such as micromachining, laser marking, and laser engraving. Additionally, the short pulse duration of these lasers makes them well-suited for applications that require high-speed processing.

Overall, if you need a high-performance laser source for precision industrial or scientific applications, a ytterbium pulsed fiber laser source may be the perfect solution. With a range of power options and excellent performance characteristics, these lasers are a reliable and cost-effective choice for many applications.

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MOPA Pulsed Fiber Laser Source – LP Series

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  • Advanced MOPA Fiber Technology.
  • Wide Range of adjustable Pulse Width & Frequency.
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