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QCW laser, short for Quasi-Continuous Wave Fiber Laser, is a type of semiconductor laser that can achieve near-continuous output. It uses a unique filling pattern to achieve continuous laser output, which has brought new possibilities for laser technology.

QCW laser has many advantages, including high power, high efficiency, excellent beam quality, small size, and low cost, making it suitable for various applications. Moreover, it has lower power consumption costs than other lasers, especially compared to traditional YAG lasers, which makes it more economical.

QCW laser is a powerful, reliable, and practical laser that can be used in different applications to meet customer requirements. It provides new possibilities and brings beneficial improvements to laser technology. QCW fiber laser can work in pulse and continuous modes, so a single laser can handle various processing tasks that previously required two different lasers to complete. This feature gives it more processing advantages.

QCW laser source has been applied in various industries for different processing tasks. For instance, in the 3C electronics industry, QCW laser is suitable for welding small-sized plugs due to its smaller and flatter welding spots compared to YAG Laser. In the precision medical accessories welding industry, QCW laser is suitable for welding small titanium alloy pillars to titanium alloy caps due to its small spot size and precise energy control.

In summary, QCW fiber laser is a versatile and efficient laser that can replace traditional lasers in many applications. Its advantages include high peak power, high pulse energy stability, and energy control precision. It is also compatible with different scenarios and has multiple output fiber core diameters to choose from for different applications.

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