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UV lasers with a wavelength of 355nm are widely used in various industrial applications. They offer several advantages such as a short wavelength, short pulse duration, excellent beam quality, high precision, and high peak power. Compared to green and infrared lasers, UV lasers have a smaller thermal effect and higher absorption rates in materials due to their shorter wavelength. This makes them ideal for “cold processing” of materials.

UV lasers have unique advantages over other types of lasers. They can limit thermal stress during processing, reducing damage to the workpiece and maintaining its integrity. They can even directly change molecular chain structures, making them suitable for ultra-precision processing of heat-sensitive materials at the micro and nanoscale. UV lasers are particularly effective for processing non-metallic materials like ceramics, glass, plastics, and paper.

In specific applications, UV lasers are useful for processing soft plastics, flexible printed circuit boards (FPCs), and their substrate materials such as polyimide. These materials require UV lasers for precision processing and cannot be processed with infrared lasers.

Another application that benefits from the small beam size and low thermal stress properties of UV lasers is micro-drilling. UV lasers can drill holes as small as 10μm by focusing a vertical beam straight through the substrate.

For ceramic processing, UV lasers are essential due to their precision and ability to meet the requirements of fine ceramic processing. CO2 and green lasers are unable to achieve the same level of precision. UV lasers are used for marking, cutting, and drilling ceramics.

In summary, UV lasers with a wavelength of 355nm and power ranging from 3W to 25W are an excellent choice for industrial applications that require precision processing of both metal and non-metallic materials.

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3W – 5W Air Cooled DPSS UV Laser Source | LARK Series

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Introducing the Air Cooled DPSS UV Laser Source from the JPT LARK Series. This laser source features an air-cooled structure,

3W – 30W Water Cooled DPSS UV Laser Source | SEAL Series

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The SEAL Series UV  laser sources that offer excellent beam quality and perfect spot characteristics. The integrated design of the

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