Handheld metal welder is with portable and compact design for both indoor and outdoor welding tasks. It uses high-power Raycus, Max Photonics, or JPT CW fiber laser from 1000W to 2000W for stainless steel, aluminum, steel and galvanized sheet, etc.

  • Why Choose JCZ as Your Handheld Welder Supplier?

    18 Years Experience
    Since 2004, we are dedicated to the industrial laser processing field. All our products are trusted by customers globally. And most of the laser machines made in China are with our products installed.

    World-Leading Brand - PRISM AWARDS FINALIST
    In 2021, we are the third China companies that entered the finalist of SPIE PRISM AWARDS, which is also known as the highest honor and the Oscar of the world photonic industry. This is a recognition of JCZ's leading product and contribution to the world photonic and laser industry.

    Excellent After-sales Service
    We know how desperate it will be if a supplier could not offer support. We get many support requests from customers who purchased the machine, with fake JCZ software installed from a China supplier who is not able to offer service.

    With 150+ R&D and support engineers team and our independent capabilities for optical, electrical, software, mechanical development, and manufacturing, we are offering high-quality products plus excellent service globally.

    1000+ Partners Worldwide
    With cutting-edge and reliable products plus excellent after-sales services, we are in close cooperation with more than 1000 laser companies worldwide in China, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Span, Italy, South Korea, Japan, India, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, etc. Due to NDA, we could not reveal their name.

    Affordable and Very Competitive Price
    With orders from the global market, all our products are in mass production, which means that we get the best pricing from our partner, and manufacturing cost is at the lowest level. This makes our product pricing always competitive. Like the product name of our first products, EzCAD, launched in 2004, we aim to make laser an easy tool rather than a high tech device, jointly promoting the development of the eco-friendly technology, LASER.

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  • What is Handheld Laser Welding Machine?

    The handheld laser welding machine is a handheld precision laser welder equipment. It can be flexibly used in various field to weld parts with different shapes. The handheld laser welder machine is mainly aimed at long-distance processing and laser welding for large workpieces. It overcomes the limitation of the working distance of the workstation. There are other characteristics, such as small heat effect areas during welding, which would not cause deformation of workpieces, blackening, and traces on the backside, and large welding depth, high firmness, and sufficient melting, all of which can not only achieve heat-conduction welding but also continuous deep-penetration welding, spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding, seal welding, seam welding, etc.

  • How Does Metal Fiber Laser Welder Work?

    The metal fiber laser welding machine uses high-energy laser pulses to locally heat the material in a tiny area, and the energy of the laser radiation diffuses into the material through heat-conduction, thereby melting the material to form a specific molten pool. It is with highly Integrated industrial design and equipped with both air cooling and water cooling structure, which ensures continuous 24-hour work. The fiber metal laser welder is very advantagous in processing of some complex workpieces with irregular shapes and large size.

  • What are the Advantages of the Handheld Laser Welding Machine?

    • Simple, easy to learn, flexible, convenient, and mufti-dimensional welding without the constraints of positioning and fixtures, all of which enable handheld laser welding machines to be operated outdoors.
    • Simple and quick to use, very compact size, low requirements for the working site, all in one design with chiller, control system and laser source, and does not require experienced operators.
    • Low investment and maintenance cost, no need for an advanced welding workstation, fewer consumables and very high cost-effectiveness.
    • Labor-saving, time-saving and cost-saving, fiber laser welder has a fast working speed (5-10 times faster than the traditional welding machine). Smooth and perfect welding joint after welding, less need of subsequent polishing improvement, suitable for various types of welding requirements, possible to process some complex workpieces with irregular shapes and large size.
    • Premium quality: no deformation, no welding trace, and firm welding effect.
    • High Security: Fiber laser welding machine is with safety protection function to avoid accidental laser emission, and the laser only emit after the head contacting with workpieces.
    • Advantageous characteristics for processing thin stainless steel plate, iron plate, aluminum plate, and other metal materials, like high welding speed, premium and smooth welding quality and free of subsequent processing and so on; Superior energy-saving characteristics and strong potential to replace traditional welding techniques.
  • Where Handheld Fiber Laser Welder is Applied?

    The handheld laser welders subvert the working mode of the traditional welding machine and replace the previously fixed light path with a handheld welding gun. It has a wide range of application scenarios because of its advantages.

    • Battery industry: laser welding of lithium batteries, battery packs, electrodes.
    • Sanitary ware industry: welding of water pipe joints, valves.
    • Sheet metal industry: metal welding of cabinets, kitchen cabinets, hardware, advertising boards, steel furniture, stainless steel products, elevators, craft products, shelves, and many other industries with complex and irregular welding processes.
    • Other industries: rail transit, aerospace, military product, jewelry handicrafts, electronic components, sensor instruments, hardware, auto parts, and so on.